Server Info
Server Type: Standard
Version: 14.10.FC1IE
Server Time: 03:54:52
Boot Time: 2020-08-08 06:13
Up Time: 21:41
Sessions: 6
Max Sessions: 108
Operating System
Total Mem: 3.86 GB
Free Mem: 3.42 GB
# of CPUs: 1
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performance Health Center > Dashboard > Server Performance
View performance information for the current database server.
performance Health Center > Dashboard > Group Summary
View the status and key information for all the servers in the current Scout group.
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Manage Server Connections
Set up Scout groups on the Admin > Connection Admin page. A password might be required to access the Admin menu.
Check Server Status
Monitor all the database servers in an Scout group at the same time on the Health Center > Dashboard > Group Summary page.
View Performance History
View historical data including auto checkpoints, disk and buffer activity, memory, virtual processors, and more on the Performance Analysis > Performance History page.
Manage Storage Space
Manage the storage space for a database server on the Space Administration > Storage page.