Server Info
Server Type: Standard
Version: 14.10.FC1IE
Server Time: 05:02:42
Boot Time: 2020-08-08 06:13
Up Time: 22:48
Sessions: 6
Max Sessions: 108
Operating System
Total Mem: 3.86 GB
Free Mem: 3.42 GB
# of CPUs: 1
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Virtual Processors Report in Realtime

You see the VP-CPU-Times as summary over the VP-Class in realtime. The chart is scaled so that you can see the maximal possible CPU consumtion as maximum value of th Y-axis. When you modify the value of the refresh interval, the scale was adjusted (CPU-VP count * refresh interval). You can adjust the scale using the slider at the left side of the chart. The scale of the X-axis can be modified using the mouse wheel.

Virtual Processor Report in Realtime