Server Info
Server Type: Standard
Version: 14.10.FC1IE
Server Time: 04:32:47
Boot Time: 2020-08-08 06:13
Up Time: 22:19
Sessions: 6
Max Sessions: 108
Operating System
Total Mem: 3.86 GB
Free Mem: 3.42 GB
# of CPUs: 1
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Session Explorer

SQL Trace is On at this server.
To use SQL Trace for only one session,
you must disable first the SQL trace. This function will reconfigure
the SQL Trace for only one session.

SQL Trace is off on this server.
This function will enable the SQL Trace for
one session with the parameters
from this dialog.

SQL Explain Status is not reported on the server.
Activat or Deactivate on a session with the same status has no effect.
If the file already exists, explain output is appended to it. If a file already exists from the SET EXPLAIN statement, that file is not used until dynamic explain is turned off.
The onmode Y command always takes the file name suffix .out. Any other suffix is removed and replaced by .out.
Be careful with the file path. An explain to a file that cannot be created cannot be removed.
As a directory separator, always write '/', even under Windows this works reliably.