Overview - Admin-Scout

The Admin-Scout for Informix is a finely tuned software appliance that enables detailed reporting and extensive administration of instances.

In addition, a configurable service level (SLA) can be used to control alarms per instance. If an SLA other than 7x24 hours is configured for an instance, possible alarms are buffered outside the defined times and delivered at the beginning of the next SLA time. A differentiation according to production and test is thus easily possible and the administrator is only alerted if necessary.

Preset threshold values for monitoring and alarming are preconfigured in the instances according to a best practice approach. These can be adapted by the administrator at any time, whereby suggestions are generated for a number of values.

The Admin Scout evaluates information from Informix's own sysadmin database. There, additional tables are created in which historical data, among other things, is stored. These data are collected by sensors and tasks of the admin scout, evaluated and transferred to a forecast. This enables the administrator to identify possible bottlenecks early and proactively and to plan resources accordingly.

Especially helpful are the daily reports, which are sent by mail. The "DayReport" and also the "MonthReport" document the status of the instance including all alarms that have occurred in the last 24 hours or the past month. These reports are also archived on the admin scout for a period of 90 days.

In addition to the Informix Control Center (ICC), the Admin-Scout Appliance consists of a system management tool (Incinga 2) and further configuration modules.