Configuration of the Admin-Scout!

Before you can use the Admin Scout to monitor Informix database instances, the initial configuration is necessary. To make this as simple as possible, we have provided a web front end for the configuration.

The configuration of the admin scout includes several modules.

Mail configuration

In order for Icinga 2 to send e-mail alerts, an SMTP server must be configured to receive and send e-mails from the Admin Scout. Internally, the Heirloom Project is used for the mailx tool. The configuration sets the SMTP parameters as they are on the man-page of the project. Here, the Admin Scout is like an e-mail client. This means that you can set the parameters as you would set them for the mail in a normal e-mail client.

The following fields must be assigned:

If all values are entered correctly, you can test the function by pressing the "Send Test Mail" button. You are now trying to send an e-mail to the specified e-mail addresses with the entered values. Please check your mailbox (and the junk folder) to see if the mail arrives. Once the mail has arrived, the values can be saved with the "Save" button.


Security Configuration

The access password is the htaccess password of the Apache Web server of the Admin Scout. You have just entered the default password to access this page. We strongly recommend you to reset the password. Users who get access to the Admin Scout can issue commands to the database using DBA rights using the Openadmin tool.

If you are using a secure password, The password must contain at least one small and large letter, a number, and a special character. The minimum password is 8. The password must be entered in both fields. Clicking on the "Save" button creates a new .htpasswd file. Remember the password well, there is no other default password in the system!

To allow the use of the Open Admin tool for other users, there are two users on the Admin Scout. The administration user is the user named cursoradmin. Set his password word for the first two fields. The two Other fields are openadmin for the user.

Access to the admin scout is divided into several areas. The areas and who has access to it can be found in the following table:

Access areas and user assignment
root URL user
root / free access
help /help free access
Open-Admin-Tool /openadmin cursoradmin
/openadmin/admin cursoradmin
Admin-Scout Konfiguration /cursor cursoradmin
Icinga 2 /icingaweb2 free - has it's own access-control

Proxy Configuration

The Admin-Scout needs Internet access to updates the software-packages. If a proxy is used in your network for http and https connections, it must be configured here.

For each protocol, the fields are from left to right:

The proxy for FTP is not needed at the moment by the admin-scout, but it is already designated for later extensions.
If you want to use the ICC for an instance that is not to be monitored, you can remove the checkmark from the instance. This will delete all generated Icinga rules.
The instance appears a few seconds after saving it in the ICC in the configuration. If it is not already visible, wait 10 seconds and then update the configuration page in the browser (Ctrl F5). The instance will then be visible.